Vitcone Orthopedic SRL was born in order to develop, produce and sell the angular stability Vitcone® osteosynthesis orthopedic system.  An innovative system that allows an easy removal of implants, the reduction of surgical times in fractures, and the simple and modulable infragmentary compression.

The search for innovation has also affected the rational shape of orthopedic plates, pursuing the maximum biomechanical reliability with the right size.  The skills and passion put together are those of a veterinary orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrea Urizzi and the senior technicians of two precision mechanics companies in partnership with each other: Vitzani srl, Domegge (BL) and Ookii-Matrix, Rasai (BL), engaged for thirty years in the medical field (implants and instruments).

The screw plate conical coupling, a cornerstone of the Vitcone® system, has been the subject of technological evolution since 2002. The essential instruments and the other devices useful for the orthopaedist in everyday work are also produced. Both companies are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. Vitzani srl also has certification UNI EN ISO 13485:2012, aimed at human medical products, required for obtaining the CE marking according to the directive 93/42/CEE and S.M.I.

The machines are an absolute technological pride. The materials to be implanted are certified.  The processing tools are also certified and equipped with safety data sheets for monitoring the metal contamination of the product. The surface treatment and washing processes, which the two components of veterinary orthopedic implant undergo before being packaged are the forefront.

The Vitzani company has a cleaning room, validated and monitored according to the standard required by UNI EN ISO 14644-1, with UV-ray pax box both at the infeed and outfeed of the product, that regularly provides sterile implants for the human.  For the veterinary market the consumable orthopedic material has the same level of surface finish and cleanliness but is not supplied sterile.